Tuning Note CLAPs

Tuning Note CLAPs

The Surge Synth Team tuning-note-claps is a CLAP format plugin that contains two separate devices — EDN-M To Note Expression and MTS-ESP To Note Expression — which can be used to microtune the integrated instrument devices included with Bitwig Studio using CLAP note expressions.

EDN-N To Note Expression can be used to tune the Bitwig instruments to a large range of equal-temperaments.

MTS-ESP To Note Expression Connects with MTS-ESP, and retunes incoming MIDI notes accordingly. This effectively makes the entire suite of Bitwig Studio devices compatible with MTS-ESP. For more info on what MTS-ESP is and how to use it, check this section of our Tuning Guide

Download the latest build Here

For further instructions, click here

Big thanks to the Bitwig Studio and ODDsound developers, without whose efforts this wouldn’t be possible.