Shortcircuit XT

Shortcircuit XT is a sampler/sample player.

What? Shortcircuit is open source? Well yes, but there are big big caveats. Right now we are in the middle of rebuilding Shortcircuit from a (very generously) open sourced copy of the SC2 beta codebase. That codebase was old, ran only on windows, etc… so we are in the middle of a rebuild.

In early 2022 with Surge XT 1.0 out the door, we turned back to SC. Right now we have a super-pre-alpha downloadable version with an incomplete ui and a not very well tested engine. But it can make sounds on mac win and lin all three. If you want to participate, really joining our discord is the best way, but we also welcome github issues with problems. Please include the version number (from the about screen) with your issue.

Please visit the project on GitHub.