We have a fork of Dexed so we can run a bit ahead of the main branch with features.

Dexed is an amazing free synth, reliably one of the most popular open source synthesizers. It models the Yamaha DX-7 incredibly well and provides those great FM sounds.

We maintain a fork which at times runs a bit ahead of the main Dexed. As of this writing, our branch is even with or behind the main Dexed branch.

Some features we have added to Dexed include:

  • Microtuning support
  • MPE Support
  • Automated builds and more modern build infrastructure
  • Some UI improvements

Since our branch is now even with or behind the main branch of Dexed, the best place to try our changes is by Grabbing the nightly build from asb2m10’s github.

But if you want, you can always see the code for our Fork on GitHub